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FAQs ‘Frequently Asked Questions’

Does Purple Wedding Films have a team?

Yes, our services are supported by a dedicated team comprising of lead and associate photographers, lead and associate cinematographers, on-location assistants for lighting, as well as post-production assistants who meticulously edit and refine the final product.

What is your philosophy as visual storytellers?

We like to take a journalistic approach to the way we shoot and capture things as we see them happen naturally. We want you to look back on your videos & photos and know that they were genuine moments. Not faked or forced. We want the emotional, raw, messy, real moments that make life what it is. The kind where you look back and know that the moment was not focused on looking good for the camera, but instead being so present in that moment that you didn’t even realize it was being filmed. The best memories are the ones you don’t know are being documented.

What’s the turnaround time?

The turnaround time varies based on the selected package and typically falls within the range of 3 to 6 weeks

Do you offer any packages?

Yes we do. Recognizing the uniqueness of each couple and their wedding, we are keen on comprehending your vision for the event. We completely understand if the details are not yet finalized. Our unwavering support begins with an initial consultation session. Following our discussions, we will meticulously tailor a package to align with your specific requirements.

Do you provide coverage for multi-day South Asian weddings?

Indeed, we do. Our services encompass the traditional pre-wedding events, as well as separate coverage for the ceremony and reception held on different days.

What is Skin Retouching & Color grading on Davinci mean?

 Great question, click here to learn more about our post-production process.

How long have you been doing this?

Do you travel?

Absolutely we do! Name the place, we are there!

Why should we hire a company instead of an individual photographer/videographer?

We possess over a decade of experience, commencing precisely 13 years ago with a foundation in film education, which led to the establishment of our video production company. This company, known as Black Production Films, operates as our sister concern, specializing in the creation of corporate documentaries, commercials, and narrative content.

If you hire only a videographer or photographer, and he/she becomes ill or encounters an unforeseen issue, your event may be adversely affected.

Is hiring a company expensive compared to hiring an individual?

This is a myth; in most cases, it's almost the same, and in some cases, it's actually affordable to hire a company. By hiring a company, you get a lot of factors like commitment, certainty, and diversity. For example, if you want a Muslim, Sikh, or Christian photographer/videographer for your religious ceremonies, you will have options. Additionally, you can expect to receive your materials on time as there are many people handling different post processes. However, with individuals, they might become too busy and ask for more time. Their schedules could be booked  for months and you could be waiting 3 to 6 months after the event.

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